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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

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Cardclene (20 pre-saturated cleaning cards) AF-280.0425
Cardclene Cash (100 cleaning cards) AF-280.0405
Cardclene Chip (20 encoded cleaning cards) AF-280.0410
Easy-Clene Cloth (1 microfiber cloth) AF-280.0350
Foam Buds (4 x 25 buds) AF-280.0300
Foamclene (300ml aerosol) AF-280.0701
Hand Sanitising Gel (50ml) AF-280.0505
Hand-Clene (100 Wipes) AF-280.0500
Hand-Clene (500ml) AF-280.0510
Headclene (250ml pump spray) AF-280.0705
Headset Clene (Box - 50 wipes) AF-280.1005
Ink Jet Printer Cleaning Kit AF-280.0600
Interactive Whiteboard Wipes (Dispenser 100 wipes) AF-280.1110
IPA Foam Buds (25 buds) AF-280.0305
Isoclene (1L bottle) AF-280.0710
Isoclene (250ml pump spray) AF-280.0715
Isoclene Wipes (Box - 100 wipes) AF-280.0720
Labelclene (200ml aerosol) AF-280.0905
Labelclene Pen (12ml pen) AF-280.0900
Laser Printer & Fax Cleaning Kit AF-280.0605
Maxiclene (400ml aerosol) AF-280.0911
Microfibre Clene (Large Microfibre cloth) AF-280.0100
Multi-Screen Clene (200ml spray with big cloth) AF-280.0105
Multi-Screen Clene (200ml spray with cloth) AF-280.0110
PC Buds (25 buds) AF-280.0310
PC-Clene (Dispenser - 100 wipes) AF-280.0920
Permanent Ink Remove Pen (12ml) AF-280.0930
Permanent Ink Remover (125ml pump spray) AF-280.1105
Phone-clene (Box - 100 wipes) AF-280.1020
Phone-clene (Dispenser - 100 wipes) AF-280.1025
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