What we do


Logistic solutions, planned and optimized logically

The word « logistics » has an old greek origin and means : to plan, execute and control logically. This is exactly the point where Primelco System Device Ltd wants to be. These systems are set up to assist you with your daily job. Mobile terminals and printers are installed, where they make sense. All-embracing maintenance concepts guarantee a flawless performance. It goes without saying that you want to be sure when taking your decision. Primelco System Device Ltd provides solutions that are best suited for your needs:

  • Hardened environment, IP rating
  • Barcode printing (labels, RFID)
  • Barcode reading (long range)
  • Mobile terminal
  • Mobile printers
  • Service Concepts


Products for logistics purposes
  • PowerScan PM8300 1D 
    Rugged Barcode-Scanner
  • Intermec PF2i
    Industrial Label-Printer
  • skeye.integral Longrange
    Mobile data collection
  • Granit 1910i 2D
    Rugged USB-Barcodescanner
  • Zebra ZT420 
    Prints 168mm wide labels
  • Zebra P4T Bluetooth
    Mobile Label Printer